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Welcome to San Diego Solar…

Solar energy makes Economic, Social and Practical Sense.

Economic Sense because of ever increasing, higher and higher utility prices that seem to keep going up every time there is a fire, windstorm, natural gas price increase, power plant failure or other utility induced (Utility Commission Approved) cost increase.

Social Sense because all residential solar energy analysis (no matter what install company you use) includes energy efficiency recommendations and every Kilowatt saved is one less Kilowatt we need to pay to produce. Throughout the United States solar power is not always less expensive than other energy sources but from an environmental perspective it is cleaner than all carbon based or nuclear sources and from a domestic strategic energy perspective all domestically sourced, locally produced, grid tied energy is in our best national interest.

Practical Sense to control your energy future from fluctuating energy prices, world events, weather, natural disaster (fires, high winds, etc. that knock power out). And practically speaking, no matter what your political or environmental views, Solar Energy enables you to take a hot shower, charge electronics,  with the lights on when the power goes out!

Our company saying is: “Charge Your Future”

“Charge Your Future” means empower your future and change from being an energy consumer to an energy producer! 

Not every residence or commercial building can offset their entire energy bill but everyone can offset their “high tier” usage with clean solar power which will reduce your power bill and help the grid during high demand periods.

San Diego Solar Vision & Mission Statements:

Abundant Solar Energy Is Provided To Us ALL For FREE.

Convert Your Solar Potential To Solar Power.

We serve all types of residential, commercial, government and solar farm operations so whatever your needs are, we can help. 

Our website will educate and answer your questions but ask any additional questions and sign up for San Diego Solar email updates and free solar analysis at the input form.

Take charge of your future and make the change to solar today!

San Diego Solar
“Charge Your Future”

Solar Facts:

USA Solar Facts:

  • America has enough solar energy potential to power the nation several times over.
  • Every one of the 50 states has the technical potential through both utility-scale and rooftop solar energy systems to generate more electricity than it uses per year.
  • In 19 states, the technical potential for electricity generation from solar PV exceeds annual electricity consumption by a factor of 100 x or more.
  • Harnessing available rooftop potential is especially important for America’s cities, where millions of empty residential and commercial rooftops could be used to generate energy.

California Solar Facts:


Generation (GWh)

Generation (% of total)













2014 July YTD




Solar Installations, Generation and Solar Prices:


Legislation Alerts:
New Laws May Benefit You or Cost You Money!

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Community Projects:

Commercial Building Owners and Managers:

Better Buildings Challenge LogoCommercial and industrial buildings used roughly 50% of the energy in the U.S. economy at a cost of over $400 billion. Both small and large commercial owners such as real estate investment trusts (REITs) have incentives like 179d tax deductions and low cost financing Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds (QECBs) to retrofit their current properties.

Commercial Energy and Financing Examples:

UC Irvine - University of California, Irvine: 7 million square feet to the challenge, realized a 23% reduction in energy intensity, annual energy savings of $180,000 and energy savings of as much as 60% while upholding the strict safety requirements of laboratory spaces.’s: Challenge commitment of 173 million square feet, 850 commercial buildings and achieved a 16% reduction in energy intensity, through an approach that combines technological solutions, such as the use of LED technology for accent lighting, with an advanced Energy Information System., already running its data centers on 100% renewable energy, is now building a 2.8 million square-foot headquarters which will also run entirely on renewables, including 16 MW of rooftop solar.

Apple is committed to powering all facilities with green energy.

Financing: clean energy lending by integrating capabilities of multiple business and operations, invested more than $570 million in energy efficiency and distributed generation projects.


WHEEL Partners


What do San Diego Leaders Say about Solar in San Diego?“As a pollution-free energy source with no fuel costs, solar energy can help us to meet many of our city’s environmental and economic goals,”

San Diego Mayor: Kevin Faulconer

“It makes perfect sense for San Diego, one of the sunniest cities in the country, to lead the way in solar energy.”

“San Diego Zoo Parking Lot Goes Solar.” I applaud the San Diego Zoo's investment in solar energy generation and its leadership in conservation.  


Interim Mayor Todd Gloria speaks to officials at an apartment building where Solar panels were installed along 34th Street in the Normal Heights section of San Diego on Wednesday, November 20, 2013.(Photo by Sandy Huffaker)

City Council President: Todd Gloria, District 3

“Opening Soitec's new solar panel manufacturing plant in Rancho Bernardo. This means 450 new green jobs for San Diegans and more renewable energy for all.”

What Business, Residents and Community Leaders are saying about Solar…

“With over 260 days of sunshine a year, it's not surprising that Southern California is one of the best places for tapping into solar energy.  If you're thinking of going solar at your home or business you have more options than ever.” - SDGE

“I have solar panels on my roof and am investing in a grey water system not so much for myself, but for my future grandkids and their children.” – S. Grey

Solar Energy: Investors are taking off their shades and looking towards the sun. - Neil Senturia and Barbara Bry, Serial Entrepreneurs, Educators, Angel Investors

“Under Mayor Sander’s leadership, the City of San Diego has consistently been ahead of the curve in determining how best to demonstrate new technology and provide necessary infrastructure to promote clean energy adoption.” – Regarding Mayor Jerry Sander


How does solar work?

How does solar work for you?

What is your cost of not going solar?     photo


First Three Steps…

  1. To get a national overview of Solar and Renewable Energy visit Visit the “Energy Saver” page to see why energy efficiency measures are the first step and discover many easy and inexpensive projects you can do yourself. Go Solar California has California specific information on Solar Statistics, Solar Rights, Contractor Lists, Solar Initiatives, Events Calendar and much more.
  2. Visit Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) @ for tons of information on all things energy and solar. They grew from a San Diego and California specific program to national administrator and are the only nonutility administrator of California utility ratepayer-funded sustainable energy programs.
  3. Look through this website to get local perspective on all things solar and energy related. We have done the work researching the best choices for you and if you have a question fill in the “Rapid Response Form” at the right side of each page and we’ll get you the answer.

You will see from visiting these and other solar related sites there is an overwhelming amount of information to sort through and decisions to make. Important decisions like… What size solar system? What types of panels? To finance, lease or pay cash? US or Non-US manufactured panels? Who is best contractor for your needs? Union or non-union workers? Battery Storage? Solar Water Heater? And many more…

Larger and Older Companies usually have the higher legacy costs (lawsuits, overhead, employee benefits, etc.) but also have experience and if properly managed can enjoy economies of scale that offset those higher costs.



San Diego Solar Company Comparisons:

Installations Company UT Poll # Yelp Rating
745 Borrego Solar - -
236 Sullivan Solar 3 4.5
111 ABC Solar - 4
99 Semper Solar 4 5
86 Stellar Solar 1 4.5
75 Solar Alliance of America 5 2.5

What is a Watt?

The watt (symbol: W) is a derived unit of power named after the Scottish engineer James Watt (1736–1819). Watts are basically the miles-per-hour measurement of the electrical world--they tell you how fast the electrons are speeding down the highway. A 60-watt lightbulb will consume electricity at a rate of 60 watts. A laborer working through the day will put out 75 watts of power. A medium-sized car might consume 100,000 watts.


Visuals of Solar in San Diego: 


Bye-Bye My Bill!

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You get paid for the power you create from your own power plant!

Tell your utility company to delete your bill and pay you for power instead!!

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