Go Solar, Stay Local

Experience Counts:

Licensed in Solar, Electrical & Roofing:

Do you want a painter to install your solar system? An air conditioning company to do your roofing ? Solar PV systems are tough to water proof for a 50 year design life. We are one of the only companies in San Diego licensed and Insured to do Roofing, Commercial Electrical and Solar. Workmanship and Trade specific skills all in-house.

Warranties Matter:

We warranty our labor for 10 years and our products have a 25 year warranty.
Why do we do this? Because we know what we’re doing.

The big out of town companies come in with big sales goals and lots of install crews. Also big overhead. When the sales go down they disappear, going belly up before the warranty costs start rising.

The big problems arise because those multiple numbers of crews often only have minimal roofing flashing training for some of the guys. The big companies actually have leak teams that have to run around when it rains fixing leaks.

We know because they headhunt and steal our guys for the leak teams. We sleep well when it rains because we have a small number of crews and every guy is trained properly to journeyman levels.

Giving Back to San Diego:

We believe in giving back to the community, which is why we donate a portion of each sale to a local cause. As parents, we believe in causes that benefit our schools, our neighbors, and our environment. As lifelong surfers, we also are involved in local surf competitions, and causes that support and protect the ocean and our beaches.