You Wouldn’t Want a Roofer Catering Your Party

You wouldn’t want a roofer catering your party or your gardener putting on your kids braces, so why would you hire an air conditioning company to install your roof? Get your roof done by roofing experts. #Roofing#Roofing Contractor #SanDiegoSolar#SolarPanels#SolarContractor

San Diego Solar- Examples of Solar Panel Damage and Microfractures

Over time, solar panels can degrade and suffer damage. Sometimes, the changes are cosmetic but other times performance or efficiency are compromised. Here is an assessment of a commercial system for damages. #SolarPanels#SolarContractor#SanDiegoSolar#SolarPower#SustainableEnergy

Co-Owner Brad Hosmer Talks About Our Experienced Team Lots of contractors are doing solar, in addition to many other services. At San Diego Solar, we are solar and roofing specialists with a team that has decades of experience. Do you want your solar panels installed by a heating and air conditioning company, or do you want them done by specialists? #SanDiegoSolar #SolarContractor #SolarEnergy #SolarPanels

Why Now Is a Particularly Good Time To Go Solar? Going solar for your home or business just makes sense, but it makes even more sense right now. There are currently significant tax savings and other incentives that are going away in 2019, so act now. #SolarEnergy#SanDiegoSolar#SolarContractor#SolarPower#SolarInstaller