Solar Bidding and Your Green Button Data San Diego Solar

At San Diego Solar, we educate our clients about how to get the most out of there solar energy systems and “green button” data is part of that. Sarah, our Sales and Engineering Manager, details this process and how you can get yours #SolarPanels#SolarContractor#SanDiegoSolar#GreenButtonData

San Diego Solar Residential Solar Installation of High Efficiency LG 3300

At San Diego Solar, one of our most recent residential solar energy system installations in San Diego featured the ultra high-efficiency LG 3300 system. Check out the video to see how this can save you money and headaches. #SolarContractor#SolarEnergy#SanDiegoSolar#SanDiegoSolarCompany

San Diego Solar A Day in the Life of a Solar Company Part 2

Life as a solar energy company in San Diego isn’t always glamorous but we do get to see some amazing parts of San Diego on our solar energy system installation jobs. #SanDiegoSolar#SanDiegoSolarContractor#SolarEnergy#SolarPower#SolarPanels#SustainableEnergy#OffTheGrid

San Diego Solar Residential Install and Pulling Wires To Invertor

We do custom solar power installations for both commercial and residential projects in San Diego. Here is an example of a residential installation, running wires to the invertors, and some of the state of the art equipment that we use. #SanDiegoSolar #SolarEnergy #SolarContractor #SolarRoofing #SustainableEnergy

San Diego Solar- High Efficiency Solar Panels and Solar Energy Equipment

At San Diego Solar, we do both residential and commercial installations but we always use high-efficiency equipment. Here is an example at our Mission Hills Library installation project of some of the highest-efficiency panels and invertors. #SolarEnergy #SolarPower #SolarPanels #SolarInstallation #CommercialSolarPower