High Efficiency Residential Solar Project in Rancho Santa Fe

A recently completed high-efficiency solar project on an amazing custom home in Rancho Santa Fe. The drone footage gives an overview of the scope of the project. #SanDiegoSolar #SanDiegoSolarCompany #SanDiegoSolarContractor #SustainableEnergy #OffTheGrid

Why You Need an Electrician To Setup Your Solar Energy System?

https://SanDiegoSolar.com Many solar installation projects are not performed by licensed electricians, which can cause a host of problems. At San Diego Solar, we only use licensed, bonded electricians to setup our systems. #SolarContractor#SanDiegoSolar#LicensedElectrician#SolarPanels#SustainableEnergy

Residential Solar in Poway Using High Efficiency Modules-Before and After Install

https://SanDiegoSolar.com At San Diego Solar, we use the latest and highest-efficiency products. Before and after of a recent residential solar installation project using ultra high-efficiency bifacial solar panels. #SolarContractor#SolarEnergy#SustainableEnergy#SanDiegoSolar

Solar FAQ: What Is The Environmental Impact of Going Solar?

We all know that solar energy is clean energy but how much environmental impact can it have on a single home? #SolarEnergy #SustainableEnergy #GreenEnergy #SolarPower #SolarPanels #SanDiegoSolar

Solar FAQ: How Do Time of Use Rates Effect Your Energy Costs?

Time of use rates are determined by SDGE and the Public Utilities Commission and are broken down into peak, off-peak, super off-peak, etc. Rates are highest during peak hours but can decrease significantly during off-peak or super off-peak times.