Why You Need an Electrician To Setup Your Solar Energy System?

https://SanDiegoSolar.com Many solar installation projects are not performed by licensed electricians, which can cause a host of problems. At San Diego Solar, we only use licensed, bonded electricians to setup our systems. #SolarContractor#SanDiegoSolar#LicensedElectrician#SolarPanels#SustainableEnergy

Solar FAQ: What Is The Environmental Impact of Going Solar?

We all know that solar energy is clean energy but how much environmental impact can it have on a single home? #SolarEnergy #SustainableEnergy #GreenEnergy #SolarPower #SolarPanels #SanDiegoSolar

Solar FAQ: How Do Time of Use Rates Effect Your Energy Costs?

Time of use rates are determined by SDGE and the Public Utilities Commission and are broken down into peak, off-peak, super off-peak, etc. Rates are highest during peak hours but can decrease significantly during off-peak or super off-peak times.

San Diego Solar- Examples of Solar Panel Damage and Microfractures

Over time, solar panels can degrade and suffer damage. Sometimes, the changes are cosmetic but other times performance or efficiency are compromised. Here is an assessment of a commercial system for damages. #SolarPanels#SolarContractor#SanDiegoSolar#SolarPower#SustainableEnergy

Co-Owner Brad Hosmer Talks About Our Experienced Team

https://SanDiegoSolar.com Lots of contractors are doing solar, in addition to many other services. At San Diego Solar, we are solar and roofing specialists with a team that has decades of experience. Do you want your solar panels installed by a heating and air conditioning company, or do you want them done by specialists? #SanDiegoSolar #SolarContractor #SolarEnergy #SolarPanels