Residential Solar Roofing Install Point Loma Before and After Residential solar roofing project in beautiful Point Loma. This video shows upgrade and installation of a new tile roof as well as solar panels. #SanDiegoSolar#SanDiegoSolarCompany#SolarRoofing#RoofingContractor#SolarContractor#DayInTheLifeOfaSolarCompany

Residential Solar Install on Tile Roof in Del Mar With Roof Relay At San Diego Solar, we are both solar and roofing specialists. This video shows a residential roofing project along with a web based monitoring system for the solar energy system that can be monitored from computer, tablet, or smart phone app. #SolarRoofing#SanDiegoSolar#SolarContractor#LicensedContractors

San Diego Residential Solar Installation on Tile Roof

Many solar companies believe that you can’t install solar panels on a tile roof, so they won’t touch those projects. We’re here to dispel that myth as our experienced team has been doing it for years. Here is the post-installation video of our residential solar project on the tile roof. #SanDiegoSolar#SolarContractor#SolarEnergy#SolarPower#SustainableEnergy

You Wouldn’t Want a Roofer Catering Your Party

You wouldn’t want a roofer catering your party or your gardener putting on your kids braces, so why would you hire an air conditioning company to install your roof? Get your roof done by roofing experts. #Roofing#Roofing Contractor #SanDiegoSolar#SolarPanels#SolarContractor

Co-Owner Brad Hosmer Talks About Our Experienced Team Lots of contractors are doing solar, in addition to many other services. At San Diego Solar, we are solar and roofing specialists with a team that has decades of experience. Do you want your solar panels installed by a heating and air conditioning company, or do you want them done by specialists? #SanDiegoSolar #SolarContractor #SolarEnergy #SolarPanels