Solar FAQ: What Is The Environmental Impact of Going Solar?

We all know that solar energy is clean energy but how much environmental impact can it have on a single home? #SolarEnergy #SustainableEnergy #GreenEnergy #SolarPower #SolarPanels #SanDiegoSolar

Solar FAQ: How Do Time of Use Rates Effect Your Energy Costs?

Time of use rates are determined by SDGE and the Public Utilities Commission and are broken down into peak, off-peak, super off-peak, etc. Rates are highest during peak hours but can decrease significantly during off-peak or super off-peak times.

Why Now Is a Particularly Good Time To Go Solar? Going solar for your home or business just makes sense, but it makes even more sense right now. There are currently significant tax savings and other incentives that are going away in 2019, so act now. #SolarEnergy#SanDiegoSolar#SolarContractor#SolarPower#SolarInstaller

Commercial Solar Project at Cafe Moto Pre Install

One of our commercial solar clients is Cafe Moto in San Diego. This video shows a pre-installation assessment of their current solar power system and solar panels before we upgrade equipment. Stay tuned for the post-upgrade video coming soon. #SolarEnergy#SolarPower#SolarContractor#SanDiegoSolar

Solar Installation on High Pitch Rooftop Finished Product

Our last video showed this unique residential solar project underway, we thought we would show the finished product. We also show how to connect and utilize the online envoy to monitor and manage your solar energy