Permanent Roofing Replacement Options for a Rock or Torch Down Roof

Do you have an older rock or “torch down” roof on your house and want a more permanent solution? In this video, Dirk Hosmer describes how a TPO roof can be laid right over your existing roof and be a permanent fix. #SolarRoofing #SolarEnergy #SanDiegoSolar #RoofingCompany

San Diego Solar- Meet Our Founders Dirk and Brad Hosmer

San Diego Solar Intro- Meet Our Founders Dirk and Brad Hosmer and the Origins of San Diego Solar. Our solar company has been around over 27 years, but many don’t know who we are, how we started, and why choosing a local San Diego company is so critical.

Residential Solar: Post-Install Setup of Monitoring via Mobile App

At San Diego Solar, we shoot a lot of residential solar project videos, so we thought showing a post-project video would be good. Watch Dirk Hosmer walk through how to setup solar monitoring via mobile app #ResidentialSolar #SanDiegoSolar #SolarEnergy #SolarMonitoring

Solar FAQ: How To Read Your SDGE Electric Meter?

Now that you have solar energy installed for your home or business, many are still unsure exactly how to read their SDGE smart meters. In this video, owner Dirk Hosmer walks you through exactly how to do it and what each reading means. #SanDiegoSolar #SolarEnergy #SmartMeters #SolarPower