In our current environment with COVID-19, the San Diego Solar team wants to ensure our clients and partners that our top priority will be maintaining your health and wellness.

As we all adjust to this new business and life environment, we are committed to maintaining health while maximizing quality and efficiency of our solar energy and roofing projects for both residential and commercial clients. As mandated by the state of California, construction (including solar energy) is deemed to continue uninterrupted as essential services. 

Any services that can be conducted remotely will do that in effort to maintain social distancing and our team members have all received appropriate training to ensure minimizing exposure or health risk to our clients and team members. We will follow and adapt to any changes in California guidelines as they change.

Site visits will be performed with social distancing guidelines or by calling the client by cell phone when on site looking at the roof and electrical panel. With 99% of our solar jobs, our installers will only be working on the roof and at the main electric panel and will not need to gain access to your home. San Diego and our strategic partners in electrical and roofing are positioned to handle the increased workload we expect.

As always, we are here to answer any questions or concerns and to support you in any way possible. As a small business, we appreciate your patience and your support during these times.

Thank you from your partners at San Diego Solar.